Audie Murphy, A Combat Patrol #1 - 7 Soldiers
Audie Murphy, A Combat Patrol #1 - 7 Soldiers

Audie Murphy, A Combat Patrol #1 - 7 Soldiers

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Winter Line, Italy, November 1943

"Now the light of the new day is streaking the sky, beneath which the enemy is creeping.
A combat patrol.

Seven gray-coated and helmeted forms emerging like ghosts from the mist of an Italian dawn. Beneath the uniforms, seven men. The warm blood throbs through their veins; their chests heave. And one casts an anxious eye toward the light that blooms in the sky. Seven soldiers seeking us out. Grenades swing from their belts; their rifles are ready; and their ears are bent for the slightest sound that will give our position away. Trained to kill without an instant’s hesitation or an atom of mercy, they want only the opportunity to blow us into mincemeat.

We accept the facts coolly; remove the safety locks on our rifles and lie as still as the rocks among which we hide at the edge of the quarry. My mouth goes dry; muscles tighten, the heart beats in slow, steady pulsations. Quietly, Fife checks his machine gun. He chooses his range, gauges his sights, and freezes into position. It is his job. If he fails, we must think and act quickly; otherwise we may think and act no more. But we have every confidence in that calm trigger finger and piercing blackness of eye.

The Germans labor up a draw that cuts the slope like a wrinkle in a fat man’s stomach. Despite all care, their boots slip on the stony soil; and at each small sound the men start nervously. The leader is obviously an old-timer. I can see from his actions that he does not like the situation at all. The route he has chosen is dangerous indeed, but is the best that the area offers. On two sides, he has at least partial concealment. The German pauses and gazes straight in our direction.

Apparently he has not spotted us, but still he is not satisfied. Again he advances, stops, and scans the terrain. Then he shrugs his shoulders and motions for his men to join him.

We know when they are in effective range of the gun. Still Fife waits. With his cold Indian cunning, he lets them come dangerously close." -Audie Murphy, To Hell & Back.

Done with colored pencils on tan pastel board.

(Original Available, 16X20 inches)

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